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Hey guys welcome to New Zealand interactive yes, this is New Zealand interactive my interactive guide to New Zealand surprise surprise.

So let me bring, you up to speed in the last three weeks. I’ve been traveling all around a sealant and. I’ve been post blogging.

Map of New Zealand Photo Gallery

And for, you guys yes however, it’s not been on in this child’s action, but on my second blog which is called EGC Abby here’s a beautiful link to it right there so. I have a whole bunch of post blogs of me just doing a bunch of new zealand things yeah basically the point of this guide is to kind of put them all together. And help, you sort through the market there is quite a few of them.

So we make this quick. And easy there are five ways yes five different ways, you may view all these blogs first off is in the end of this post there’s going to be a whole bunch of links to blogs. So click on the post, you wish to view.

And people take, you to it then if you want to get back to that menu. I love mystery guitar man style there’s going to be a little box temptation at the top of each top right hand corner each post all, you gotta do is click on that link little annotation. And I’ll take, you back to that main screen of post.

So, you can choose which other post, you wish to, you second way to do it is in the posts himself there’s going to be a link to the next post another little annotation is his next post. I didn’t like, it’s time to take, you through them third thing there’s going to be a playlist. So all, you gotta do is click on the playlist often like right there or thing if you are a mobile mobile user yeah there’s going to be in the description links to all the post screens the description.

And I’ll take a drone posts. And final one just go to my website hey me do not call. And there are pictures blog posts.

And of course the links to all the blog’s there. So if you a little bit more in depth, you can go to my website hey now come check it out yeah come pin wasn’t that quick quick easy simple. And thank, you guys gotta get the point baby Justin all right.

I’m gonna let, you guys go enjoy the posts. I had so much fun making up such a blast.

And tomtom what, you think terrific all right. I’m po thang leave, you to it you. ?

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