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Perhaps no other city like Rome has ever held such an irresistible fascination for travellers. It’s not an easy city to live in, but is certainly a wonderful city to visit. Its chronic malfunctioning social services is endemic. But the tourist is otherwise enchanted by the unmatchable beauty of the city and tends to accept the disorganization as part of the local color. The magical fascination of the city is generated by the strata of different civilizations. The city is studded with impressive and numerous remains from the ancient Romans, Christian middle ages and the architectural triumph of the Renaissance. A modem city of nearly four million inhabitants has developed over the past century around the historical center perched on its legendary Seven Hills. It was on one of them (Capitol Hill), that according to the legend, Rome was founded by the twin brothers Romulus and Remus in 753 BC. In the following centuries Rome developed to being the ruling power over the Mediterranean area, Central Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. After its decline, which saw the city reduced to a small town of a few thousand inhabitants, the renaissance Popes gave back to Rome a splendour if one can say so, bigger than ever before. The Church only lost its secular power with the advent of Rome becoming the capital of an Italy finally united under the Savoy’s sceptre in 1870 and the capital of the Italian Republic after World War 2.

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