TRAVELLING TO AND FROM OTHER PARTS OF CHINA Over 200 trains a day currently run from Shenzhen to other parts of China.

Trains usually have four classes of ticket available, soft and hard seat; and, oft and hard sleeper. There is a real difference between soft and hard in terms of comfort and space.


The Chinese inter-city bus network is amazing. The huge number of people travelling means that the number and frequency of inter-city buses is incredible for foreigners not used to mass interstate bus travel. To visit any one of the bus terminuses in Shenzhen is a mind-boggling experience.

Shenzhen is the centre of a network of fast, comfortable and inexpensive buses servicing the city all corners of Guangdong province. Every major Guangdong City has direct buses to Shenzhen. You may be surprised to learn that expressway buses to and from Guangzhou leave every three minutes. The main Shenzhen long distance bus depot is situated under Luohu Commercial Centre right at the Luohu Customs. Ticketing windows are on the first floor but most buses sell tickets on the bus. There is rarely a wait of more than ten minutes for a bus to just about anywhere. Guangzhou buses leave every three minutes. Shenzhen also has major long distance bus terminals at Futian Zhu Zi Lin metro station, Yin Hu, Bao’an and Longgang.

A slightly disturbing element of long distance bus travel is that before departure an attendant walks around the bus videoing all passengers. This goes back to a spate of bus robberies some years ago. We are told that this practice has been successful in eliminating this danger.


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