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What is prized most of all in site-specific art is still the singularity and authenticity that the presence of the artist seems to guarantee, not only in terms of the presumed unrepeatability of the work but . the presence of the artist also endows places with a unique’ distinction.

Morton articulates the distinctive qualities of his artwork in these terms:

Hotel acts as a type of monument or mirror to the effect produced by both the car and the space of the tollway itself. It is strangely disconnected from the landscape it is in, and its form is distilled and generic rather than specific. It looks like a number of places simultaneously, as if its identity is unstable and still moving, but it is never quite of this world. In a sense the mirror effect it produces is simply a question about how our worlds are constructed, not an alternate vision but the same or slightly out of focus.

Its primary use is for making the exterior felt of their Nanchong Map tents. When I suggested that wool roofs would leak in lh^ rain she said that Nanchong Map the hair is naturally waterproof and they do not need to mix any substance with it. A commotion outside and slight wobbling of the tent sent me scurrying out of the door flap, to where a pony had got tangled in the guy ropes. He wouldn’t let me untangle him, being afraid of me – I suppose I smell different from Tibetans – but finally I chased him until he was unwound. The girls hadn’t stirred position, they were intent on their work. It seemed a far cry from our idea of going to the hairdresser, with all the preliminary washing and cutting before curling or setting.

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