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The Things You Carry

It is important to wear clothing and footwear appropriate for the weather and the trail. On some hikes, where the terrain is fairly smooth and not too rocky, or the trail not too long, you may feel comfortable wearing running shoes. Light, soft-soled shoes can be a pleasure to hike in, but they can also be an invitation to trouble. After awhile, feet can get tender and bruised. For longer distances over rougher terrain, sturdy shoes with stiff soles are important. And, if you want to increase your protection against twisted ankles, ankle-length boots are in order.

Given the propensity for quick-changing weather in northeastern Minnesota, it is important to be prepared for more than just the weather conditions that exist at the start of a hike. Use a layering system when dressing so that clothing may be removed or added as necessary.

Miniature. A small painting, often a portrait, executed Baghdad Metro Map with great detail, usually on parchment or ivory. Minor orders. In the Catholic Church, Baghdad Metro Map those of a lower rank than deacon in the church hierarchy, such as an acolyte, reader, or doorkeeper. Moiety. One of two subdivisions of a tribe or clan, based on kinship traced through one parent.

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