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CIGARETTES, CIGARS, TOBACCO. You may pay anywhere from 55 to 80 cents for the same brand of cigarettes, depending on the type of store. And a packet from a vending machine always costs much more than one obtained in a supermarket or at a news-stand. Naturally, cigarettes are cheaper when bought by the carton. Be prepared to pay a dollar or more for British-made cigarettes.

The choice of pipe tobacco, both home-grown and imported, is vast, and New Yorkers even claim that their city is the world’s cigar capital (though none from Cuba they’re not available in the U.S.).

CLOTHING. In New York you have to cope with extremes of temperature. not just between winter and summer, but even between outdoors and indoors. Despite the energy crisis. Americans persist in overheating in winter and overcooling in summer.

In winter a fur coat is hardly a luxury since you can wear light clothes under it which are necessary indoors. If you don’t have one, wrap up in a ski jacket. Don’t forget your winter boots, warm hat and gloves. Only Canadians could call New York winters mild.

In summer wear your lightest clothes, in natural fibres if possible. The air is so humid and sticky that you’ll need several changes of clothing. Bring along a raincoat, too. for you may well be caught in a downpour. Rubber overshoes are very practical and sold in any department store.

Americans are known for wearing casual clothes: however there are still some bars and restaurants that stipulate jacket and tie, particularly in the evening.

Following is an approximate comparison of British and American sizes. Remember however that clothing size may vary according to manufacturers.

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