Nightlife in Puerto Rico

Nightlife is well and alive in Puerto Rico and depending on your mood and type of entertainment, it is
almost certain that Puerto Rico will have something for you. If you’re in the island or one of the
beaches, nightlife begins while watching the sunset and parties could last as late as 4am the following
day during a weekend. Expect to have a ton of dancing, partying and eating to go with it.
In the more commercial areas like the capital city, San Juan, nightlife is more varied. Some
establishments like The Parrot Club has salsa and Latin Jazz nights while Barrachina Restaurants
provide flamenco music certain nights of the week. For a more unconventional nightlife experience,
hop on board the La Rumba Party Cruise, where there’s so much salsa and meringue dancing.
If you’d rather stay on land, bar-hopping is a popular activity among Puerto Ricans. Start with El
Picoteo where you can drink sangria and eat tapas while having some fun conversation with friends.
Head on to El Batey where rock n’ roll music comes to life. Then proceed to San Sebastian Street
where there’s a slew of restaurants and bars that locals and tourists have been going to for so many

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