Nothing Like San Antonio for the Holidays

Going to San Antonio for the holidays isn’t what I had planned. I like to be at home where it is always a white Christmas. This year, I was traveling to Texas though to spend the holiday with my boyfriend’s family. I had met them a few times, but this would be the first real gathering that I would spend with them. I was looking forward to it, but also knew I would miss my holiday traditions.

I have found San Antonio to be quite lovely though. We have been exploring, shopping, and have been getting to know his family. We have been spending time at the river walk area where they have it all lit up for a magical Christmas setting. I have seen it a couple of times now, and it still impresses me.

I have always wanted to go to the Alamo; reading about it in history books just isn’t the same. We went for a visit this week and it was very nice. The front of the area had a very large tree that was decorated for the holidays too. There were carols being sung and that was a delightful experience. We also took a carriage ride around the Alamo area that night and it was quite romantic.

We still have a few more weeks to spend in San Antonio before we return to college. I am enjoying getting to know his family. I can see where he gets his charm, sense of humor, and great manners from too. While I won’t be spending my Christmas at home with the snow and the cold this year, I am making new memories that are making me smile!

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