Oahu Atlantis Submarine Adventure

Many people explore Oahu from the land and from the sky, But today I’m checking it out from below. I’m going underwater in a submarine. We’re going on the Atlantis adventure. We’re going our premium submarine, on the Waikiki dive set.

Oahu Atlantis Submarine Adventure Photo Gallery

So the submarine we’re going on is over 100 feet long. Bright, carries quite a few passengers and makes a lot of really tight turns next to the artificial reefs, and gets really upclose and personal with a lot of our sea life. Wow, there’s so many fish down here. It’s like a school of fish, an actual school of fish. That is so cool, it’s a spotted eagle ray.

He was just swimming right on side of the submarine, just like on movies. But you’re right there. Right now, heading out through the deepest part of our tour. So, right now we see two airplanes. First airplane on starboard. It’s so cool that they have actually sunk ships down onto the ocean floor so that coral grows, attracting fish and then we can float by and check them all out. We make a u-turn on both of the artificial reefs, so that both sides of the submarine get equal viewing opportunities. Oh my goodness, that was incredible! My first time in a submarine. Oh, that took my breath away. That was such a great way to experience Oahu.

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