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Oahu – Hanauma Bay Snorkeling Adventure Half-Day Tour

This post I’m trading in my sneakers for flippers. I’m going snorkeling here in the famous Hanauma Bay in Oahu, Hawaii. Let’s dive on in. This area is an old volcano crater, so what I’m looking at right up here is the extinct volcano. Pretty cool.

Here we go! I’m ready for my snorkeling adventure. It’s funny because I really felt like I was one of the fish. I mean, we’re just hangin’ out, just swimmin’ along and suddenly, there’s like one right in your face. It’s so cool. It’s a great place for kids as well too. It’s just like a basic beach. It’s really, really shallow, but for the advanced snorkelers you can go out really, really deep to the deep side of the ocean and see maybe bigger fish and stuff like that. My adrenaline is, like, so going crazy right now. I got to see a humuhumunukunukuapua`a, Hawaii’s state fish.

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The sand is so white. The reef is just everywhere! It’s so expansive. And I heard that actually some people see turtles and dolphins, so I’m sure that’s a huge surprise if those swim right by ya. It looks like rocks, but it’s not. It’s all coral, like that orange one that looked like a brain, but it was cauliflower coral. It’s crazy. If you don’t want to go snorkeling, it’s also a great place to just relax, read a book, take a nap, just enjoy the scenery, so everybody in all will have a great experience at Hanauma Bay. I had so much fun. This is definitely the best way to experience that good old Aloha Spirit.

Oahu – Paradise Cove Luau

You cannot go to Hawaii without going to a luau. And tonight I’m gonna do just that at Paradise Cove. Oh Hawaii! You get here and first thing you do, you get a complimentary Mai Tai. High enough? No! We’ve got a whole lot of different activities. Wonderful events. And beachfront property. Entertainment is wonderful. We show you different aspects about our islands. A whole lot of fun out here for you. Aloha! Buffet time! Let’s see what’s on the menu. Got a little bit of salad. I’m gonna do two scoops of everything. There’s so much good food. We loved the luau tonight at Paradise Cove. It was phenomenal. The entertainment, the food, the people. It was an amazing experience. Here we say that we tell a story through dance and music. And that’s exactly what we do. And we have a whole lot of fun with our guests. Make your way on down to the fire at the end of our stage and join us in learning the Hula. Put your hands over, make the motion of the ocean. I’m a certified hula dancer! My favorite part was the fire dancer. When the lights were dimmed it was just an amazing spectacle to read. – Put your hands together for the Paradise Cove dancers! What a good night this was at the luau. Great drinks, great food, the performers were excellent. Can I get an Aloha? -Aloha!

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