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1733 Georgia is settled as a penal colony and a haven Omaha Metro Map for debtors. It is initially established with a ban on slavery. 1735 The printer of the Omaha Metro Map New York Weekly Journal, John Peter Zenger, is acquitted on charges of seditious libel. This ruling sets one of the first freedom-of-thepress precedents in the colonies. 1750 The Georgia colony revokes its laws against slavery. 1754 The Pennsylvania Gazette contains the first recorded Country political cartoon.

Created by Benjamin Franklin, the cartoon attacks the fragmentation of the colonists regarding frontier defense. Delegates from different colonies meet at the Albany Congress to decide upon a common policy toward the Iroquois. The French and Indian War begins. It is the North Country phase of the Seven Years’ War in Europe (17561763). 1760 King George II dies, and George III ascends to the British throne. 1761 Thomas Hutchinson is selected to be the chief justice of Massachusetts.

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