One-Minute Workout For Strong Bones


This just in: It only takes one minute of exercise to improve your bone health. One. Freaking. Minute. UK scientists have found that brief bursts of a high-intensity, weight-bearing activity (like skipping or sprinting) may keep bones as strong as a longer, mediumpaced run would. According to the researchers, women who take part in one to two minutes of exercise each day have 4 per cent healthier bones than those who don’t. Since good bone health can help reduce your risk of osteoporosis and fractures later in life, you’d best be scheduling in a HIIT sesh, ASAP – or try one of these easy bone-boosting workouts…

One-Minute Workout For Strong Bones Photo Gallery

1 HIKING Round up your squad for a weekend walk and up your Insta cred while you strengthen your pins.

2 DANCING Yep, scientists want you to get busy on the D-fl oor to boost your frame, so practise your killer moves at the club or in a class.

3 SKIPPING You might not have tried it since primary school, but skipping is a guaranteed way to keep your bones (and cardio health) in tip-top shape. Grab a rope!

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