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Some people like to get up at the crack of dawn, have a quick breakfast, and be on their way before other campers have even stirred. This isn’t unreasonable if the day will be one of intense activity or long-distance travel. Others prefer to sleep in, start slowly, and enjoy a much more leisurely day, whether or not they’ll be participating in an activity.

You can start your day whenever and however you want. Many people do tend to get in the habit of turning in on the early side, and rising relatively early in the morning, especially on an extended trip. When you’re living out-of-doors the body tends to adjust easily to the natural cycles of light and dark, and it becomes hard to imagine doing it any other way.

There are only so many hours of daylight, of course, so if you have a full day of activity or travel planned, it makes sense to try to get a relatively early start. In warm or hot weather another advantage in starting early is that you can travel or exercise during the cooler morning hours.

While some people like to have a quick breakfast and be on their way, there’s also something to be said for relaxing at breakfasttime and enjoying the beauty of early morning. It’s a pleasure to refrain from rushing around the way that too many of us do in everyday life. Try to avoid overscheduling the day, or letting a wilderness trip turn into a variant on the rat race.

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