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Made a trip to Pamukkale, Denizli city center is approximately 4 hours there. Settled in a four star hotel in Pamukkale. Thermal spa hotel rooms, the hotel is very big. The first day we swam in the pool during the day and had a very enjoyable day. We ate dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, and presented an unlimited buffet meal. the first time I’ve had a nice tomato soup and plenty of salads, entrees and grilled meat english ate, and finally ate a nice strawberry cake. After a great first massage here and I had a huge jacuzzi pool, turkish bath, and finally we went and did a very nice and relaxing massage. Last night at the pool as a wonderful tea and turkish coffee, drank and had a very nice and enjoyable day.

Early in the morning I woke up and did a very nice breakfast in the morning with an unlimited buffet . jam, honey, cheese , olive oil with a nice coffee creamer and a delicious breakfast consisting of eggs did. We met in the hotel lobby to go to Pamukkale tours with our guide . Our guide was very nice and knowledgeable lady.

Pamukkale is a natural wonder that under lkoruma place. made a huge castle made ??of cotton . This is a very high occurrence of white residue remaining after evaporation of water from the mountains, consists of warm thermal . This layer is very soft and white. There are 7 small pools of Pamukkale , and people floating in here . There is a spectacular view at the top of Pamukkale tours . Cleopatra ‘s pool located at the top . in a very large pool and marble columns and statues dating from the Roman

period, is located. was used as the center of Cleopatra ‘s beauty . Pamukkale is at the top of the ancient city , where the main marble road

and there are a huge theater . Pamukkale artifacts found during the excavations and sculptures are exhibited in the museum .

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