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1423 S. Tryon St., 704/377-6874, HOURS: Vary COST: Varies Map 2

The scene at Amos’ is as important as the music. The dance floor is packed when bands take the stage, but fans are just as likely to hang out on the second level where there are couches and a balcony overlooking the stage. The vibe is pure industrial loft and the bands fit the decor: You won’t find country acts or pop princesses playing here. The performers are mostly local and regional bands but national acts do occasionally make appearances.

Music legends Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan have taken the stage at this historic nightclub.

To regularize their governments. Most towns are governed by a Peru Metro Map small group of selectmen chosen from a larger pool of freemen. Towns establish their own churches, Peru Metro Map hire and fire their own ministers, and deal with petty criminals. Most power in Massachusetts is held locally, though the General Court can step in to resolve disputes and handle colony-wide issues. Though Puritans are the dominant force in early Massachusetts, non-Puritans are involved from the start. Also, though Puritan laypeople dominate town meetings and the General Court, Puritan ministers are strictly forbidden from serving in the Court or holding high political office. Thomas Hooker, pastor of the Cambridge church, leads his congregation to settle the town of Hartford. Puritans found other towns in Connecticut, New Haven (then a separate colony), Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

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