Hey guys it’s day one or day zero thank you one day one of our trek around Alaska. So if you wanted to know we’re doing the Alaskan wander tour, and we’ll leave like a link below. So you can kind of see what we’re gonna be doing for the next 13 days arm.


So should be fun it is currently 10:00 to 7:00, and we waited for a taxi to take us to our meetings. But we were meeting up with the rest of our group. So we can start yeah, I’m excited to see where everyone’s gonna be fun I think that’s our taxi yes we just meet up at the inlet our Suites a lot of people are staying here the night. But we just found like a backpacker down the road literally five minutes was just a bit cheaper yeah plus we’ve never dumped a hostel before. So we were to give it a try, and this was only six dollar taxi way yeah this is pretty much what we are gonna be living out of for the next 13 days our tour guide Tommy his name is Betsy, and chasity cuz it’s locked up. But yeah now we are pretty much is going to a sports on a camping store to get some last-minute supplies, and then we have to travel for 580 kilometres 390 miles today. So it’s a long driving day I will keep you guys updated on how the day goes we’re just here at this Fred Meijer, and we’re just here shopping for groceries, and that’s the first time I’ve seen a gun for the cost of an Xbox you can get a gun got some breakfast banana yes, and we met up with everyone there’s five Americans, and then there’s Germans Austrians there’s 13 people all together plus 40 anything food the to a garden yes he’s really nice yeah his name’s Tommy, and he’s from New York.

But we’ll show you him a bit later yeah we just had our first stop, and we’re just looking at the shoe gasps mountain range of have this is summer in Alaska uh-huh IV seen at the front healthy or a little hey good you’re not getting to know everyone the views are beautiful I just feel like, I’m back in Canada yeah. But also you are really close to Canada you conjure a conscious like we just stopped at this truck stop diner tommy is just putting some fuel in the truck. Because we’ve been trying for two maybe three hours still got six, and a half hours to go. But the next stop which is in about an hour’s time should be lunch stop I thought I’d just show you this view just a random stop, and there’s a gas station I mean this is probably the most beautiful gas station I’ve been to Alaska is anything to go by what we’ve seen. So far I think this is going to be a good 13 that’s the proper way there we’ve just stopped to lunch just on the side of the road, and we’ll just have some like sandwiches or some meats, and sellers well we just had some salads, and yeah then we’re gonna keep on going we worked where we can charge our all their batteries in the car. So no more stress about if we’re gonna be able to post everything mmm do you enjoy lunch yeah she had a wrap out of bagel my goal in these 13 days as soon as the tractor to a last quest eat really healthy lose some weight. Because I ate way too much in deuteron Vitas I want to, I’m on a health kick.

So yell at me if you see me even think that no more whatever anything bad aren’t we having s’mores tonight I think this is the cars mascot it’s a it’s a cactus with a mustache with an American flag when he’s in the wind it like waves so much while this is definitely bringing memories from the next that’s where we’re going good thing there’s uh there’s bullet holes in the side end of the bitumen, and then it is dead road 260 miles dirty seska’s kelana bridge I think I said that right, and trains used to go on that, and now it’s just for buses this is just incredible I think it’s that sandwich that we went across. But now it’s disconnected, and still a very old rickety rail bridge when this was in operation I would be way too scared to go over this looks like it could break at any point makes for a good photo spot there’s the end of the line we just go to our campsite, and now we’re just trying to find a good spot we are pretty much right next to a glacier-fed River, and apparently tomorrow we are walking we’re gonna rain now we found our camp spot we’ve got a little bit of an expert demonstration from, I’m tell me how to do it. So I think we can do it properly this time last time we went camping there’s a lot of people here, and this is the first time count me as well this is our second time. But we still have no idea what we’re doing it’s nice to see that we know something we view how to put up a tent this is home base the kitchen, and probably where you’re gonna eat as well go on show us how it’s done every night we take it in turns to cook with you cast again yeah you guys are the undefeated champions yes it’s currently 10:00 at night, and still oh if I probably turn 30 it’s just. So bright we were really hoping to see the Northern Lights tonight it’s probably a bit too cloudy all right guys that’s the end of day one of our 13 day Trek yes sorry not much happen today. Because we were pretty much just driving the whole day. But tomorrow we’re going to be climbing this thing over here see if it picks it up soon a big white thing over there that is a glacier we’re gonna be hiking that glacier out there tomorrow, and on top of the glacier walking, I’m gonna be doing something that I never thought, I’ll be doing is ice climbing as in grabbing the pit that ice picks, and like digging into it, and climbing a vertical feet of ice.

So excited. So that should be an amazing day an amazing experience tomorrow you have to wake up at 7 a.m. tomorrow. So we’re heading back to our tents now to have it try, and get some sleep Ark is always hot in the first night of camping to get used to the ground you think oh boy fit um thanks so much guys I’ve no hands to rock to keep the camera Oh.

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