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Armed guards patrolled the 2900 acres, and guards were also stationed on the roof fitted with machine gun turrets. Harry acquired the turrets from his military friends. The roof also had a barbeque grill in the chimney, connected to the den’s fireplace. The grill was used for entertaining and could be pulled out if Harry needed to escape from the den. Yes, Harry was a little concerned about his safety.

Throughout the cabin were secret or trap doors, tunnels and passageways that would help Harry make that quick get-a-way to the lake. In fact, every bedroom had at least two exits. Some doors in the lodge opened inward, some outward to confuse any unwanted guests.

Scott took us to the large master bedroom, adjacent to the room Harry’s daughters used. When the daughters weren’t there, his girlfriends used the room. Between the two bedrooms was a bathroom. Maybe that explains the heart-shaped tub.

With everyone crammed into the bathroom, I stepped out to get some photographs. Suddenly there was a loud boom. Going back in I heard Kat say, “No, don’t anybody help me out. I’m okay really.” Wanting to get a close-up video, she leaned over the tub and had a little slip and fall. On her way down Kat grabbed the shower curtains bringing them down on top of her. Tra la.

Now it was time to see the basement, which has two levels that can be accessed. Scott claims there could be six or more levels. Scott mentioned tunnels that lead out to the grounds from Harry’s rum running days and who knows what else.

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