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The extreme temperature range reported in downtown Honolulu is from fifty-seven degrees to eighty-eight degrees. Average precipitation ranges from 5.7 inches near Kawaihae on the Big Island to 486.1 inches atop Waialeale on Kauai. The summit of Waialeale is the wettest spot in the United States. The longest volcanic eruption in Hawaii’s history lasted 867 days and the highest tsunami (tidal wave) reached fifty-six feet.

To get to Kauai, the Garden Island farther west, or to fly to Molokai, Maui or Hawaii means a smaller plane and another nineteen to forty minutes of flight.

Kauai, oldest of the Hawaiian islands, has deep green valleys and dazzling flowers. One main road moves around most of the island’s periphery. The road will probably never completely circle the island because of the ruggedness of much of the coast. Kauai has a little Grand Canyon, Waimea. It also has the Wailua River, up which tourist boats move to the Fern Grotto. As the name implies, it is a grotto almost completely covered in ferns, ceiling included. Lihue is the only town of any size on Kauai, a few minutes from the airport.

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