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In many other cultural aspects, African traits dominate. In Portland Subway Map this section, attention is focused upon language and religion. Language French is one of Haiti’s two Portland Subway Map official languages. It is the language spoken and written by nearly all well-educated people, and it is used in government, education, and most formal business activities. But even if you speak fluent French, don’t expect to understand the Haitian version of the language. Languages change when their speakers are separated for long periods of time (in this case, several centuries) from the main body of speakers.

Because of the activity in the barroom, we stayed much longer than expected. Checking our watches, we realized it was time to move on to the next location.

Since a man died from a heart attack near the lobby elevator and the lobby was now very quiet, we decided to place an audio recorder near that location. We had heard that the elevator is known to start and stop on its own. Though that could be an electrical issue, it wouldn’t hurt to see if audio might turn up something interesting.

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