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Yepes, Carlos (1952-). Carlos Yepes, the Peter M. Small associate professor of Romance languages at Bowdoin College, is the author of Oficios del goce: Poesia y debate cultural en Hispanoamerica (1960-2000).

Faveron-Patriau, Gustavo (1967-). Gustavo Faveron-Patriau is the author of Rebeldes: Sublevaciones Indigenas en Hispanoamerica en el Siglo XVIII. He serves as an assistant professor of Romance languages at Bowdoin College.


Latinos in Maine have been increasingly making cultural contributions to the state. With a larger Latino population in the southern part of the state, Latino community leaders have focused on creating an internal organizational structure to develop activities to highlight the rich Latino culture. Their efforts are paying dividends as a number of Latino-focused programs and events are regularly held. For example, there are many opportunities to participate in Latino dance and music in the Portland area, and the local community radio station in Portland, WMPG, has a weekly Latino program.

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