Quan Ngu Binh US Map & Phone & Address

1052 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester; (617) 282-BINH (2464)

At Quan Ngu Binh, by contrast; Mine had no idea what he ordered even after he’d eaten it. The meal was delicious, to be sure, but your humble author might have been in real trouble if a friendly waitress hadn’t offered to help out

Initially ordering a plate of pork and shrimp in steamed rice cakes,

Mine was treated to a sample coated in some rather unusual puck-shaped rice which his stomach quailed at. He quickly switched to the waitress’s suggestion of grilled beef wrapped in virtually the same thing, which was somehow lighter, served over noodles and sprouts. Most Americans prefer it she smiled, sympathetically. Mr.

C agreed, and at $5 with a cool lemon drink included, it was indeed the right choice.

A black-and-white checked floor helps create a casual, deli-style feel, as does gentle, albeit unintelligible, music. Every entree in the house is priced under $6; pork, shrimp, beef, chicken, or mixed vegetables, most served with steamed rice or rolled

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