Administered together, these two state Wildlife Management Areas are located in west-central Virginia, adjacent to George Washington National Forest. There are some rugged mountains, numerous streams, and hardwood forests here, with rhododendron. Wildlife includes bear, deer, and wild turkey.

Activities: Hiking and backpacking are possible on several trails, mostly moderate to strenuous in difficulty. Horseback riding is allowed. Hunting and fishing are permitted in season.

Camping Regulations: Primitive camping is allowed for up to seven days anywhere except where posted. No permits are necessary. Campfires are allowed only in designated areas.

For Further Information: Goshen-Little North Mountain Wildlife Management Area, Route 6, Box 484-A, Staunton, VA 24401.

In the 18th century there arose a row in the Church of Scotland about patronage (more of which below). This involved a young lawyer who was an elder at Cadder Kirk, and whose family home at nearby Huntershill has made the name Muir of Huntershill one to remember. He suggested the idea – to us quite innocuous – that everyone should have a vote, and for his stand on such principles he was to be thrown into a life which, if written as fiction, would sound improbable. Arrested for sedition and then released on bail, he went to France to try and plead with the Revolution leaders not to execute Louis XVI, as that would damage the cause of reform in Britain. The outbreak of war between Britain and France meant he was late back for his trial, so he was arrested and carried to Edinburgh in chains. In England he would probably soon have been free, but the grim Lord Braxfield sentenced him to 14 years’ transportation, which was all too often a death sentence in disguise. Muir survived the horrendous voyage out to Australia and then escaped on an American ship which, after crossing the Pacific, was wrecked on the west coast of North America. He and one other survived, though the latter soon died. Despite hostile Red Indians, Muir walked out of that situation, only to be arrested by the Spanish authorities in Central America. He was sent to Spain, but that ship was wrecked too.

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