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I picked up a stone. The dog paused but kept China tourist attractions on snarling and when he realised that I hadn’t thrown the stone he came closer in a China tourist attractions frenzy of barking yellow teeth. So I threw it and grabbed for more, and began calling the yurt’s occupants to help me. A young woman pulled back the door curtain and coming hastily outside she called and cursed the dog, which loped off sulkily. I went over to say good morning. She looked to be about my age, and living so near the lodge she was used to seeing foreigners.
We expected to begin reviewing recorded materials shortly after returning. Unfortunately, our business kicked into high gear. As weeks passed, Kat and I seemed to forget about the events that transpired the night of our Calumet investigation. It quickly came back as we began reviewing video, audio and photographs. The evidence collected that evening and following day could not have been anticipated.

The original Italian Hall arch and this small memorial are the only reminders of that fateful day .

Let’s return to the night’s chain of events. The investigation began on the first floor. Kat was on the stage and I was in the first row. Laura and Art sat in back. We started talking about Madam Modjeska. Kat noticed the EMF levels began to elevate and she felt a cold spot. Kat asked Art if he thought Madam was beautiful. He casually replied, “No not really.” Moments later our audio picked up a voice. We believe in may say “Modjeska.” It’s a little odd because it appears to be Madam’s name but ending in an “o” (Modjesko). Could the stories of Madam’s spirit remaining be true?

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