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1890s The Boston Independence Club Cuba-Borinquen advocates for Puerto

Rican and Cuban independence.

1898 Massachusetts loses 292 men in the Spanish-American War.

1917 Congress naturalizes all Puerto Ricans through the Jones-Shafroth Act, facilitating the recruitment of individuals from the island by manufacturers and agriculturalists in Massachusetts.

1940s Puerto Rican workers begin migrating to Massachusetts.

1950s Puerto Rican agricultural workers begin staying year-round. Puerto

Rican industrial workers greatly increase the Massachusetts Latino population.

1954 Eighteen hundred Puerto Rican farmworkers are recruited to work in


1960s Economic changes create large demand for Latino industrial workers in some areas, and the service sector begins to emerge.

1960s-1970s Dominican workers begin migrating to Massachusetts.

1962 Rafael Benzan, the first Dominican to live in Cambridge, arrives.

1964 The Immigration and Naturalization Act restricts the use of foreign nationals in temporary agricultural work, increasing demand for Puerto Rican labor in many Massachusetts towns.

1968-1970 Cambridge implements rent control, preserving low-rent, affordable housing for low-income Latino families in the city.

1969 The Cambridge Spanish Council is established to fight for Latino rights in the city.

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