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I thought it was surprisingly tolerant of the authorities to be China map train content with the films, plus a fine of 40 yuan (about 13) and a China map train written self-criticism. He was asked to re-write the self-criticism five times before it was approved as sufficiently humble.

Sunday is bazaar day in Kashgar. Among travellers, this market is reputed to rank as one of the world’s most fascinating, along with Fez and Kano in Africa. The road leading into the bazaar was jammed solid with donkey carts; several had managed to get in a tangle, one pulling a load of two thirty-foot poplar tree trunks had got hooked into a cart coming in the opposite direction.

In every space were people pushing bicycles, ringing their bike bells, while the donkey cart drivers yelled a word that sounded like Push! Push!’ The donkey cart parking-lot stretched right back to a stream; lines of carts with shafts pointing skywards and lines of donkeys tied opposite them, each with his own small supply of fresh lucerne and chopped straw to eat.

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