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Some of the world’s great architects work in Shenzhen.


Shenzhen Civic Centre Shi Min Zhong Xin: half a mile of glass podium covered by a great wing of a roof supported by silos in bright primary colours

The City Library and Concert Hall Shenzhen Tu Shu Guan, Yin Yue Ting: one wall solid black granite, the other wall covered in great folds of glass

Poly Theatre Bao Li Ju Yuan: a large silver egg

Diwang Building Di Wang Da Sha: one of the world’s three tallest buildings when it was built. Not just tall slim, elegant and stylish with great views on a fine day

Shenzhen Press Building Shenzhen Special Zone Press Tower with its Daily Planet globe

Shenzhen Media Group’s Shenzhen Guang Bo Dian Ying Dian Shi Ji Tuan:

40 storey ellipse

Shenzhen Airport Terminal Shenzhen Ji Chang: building, a dazzling white curve

Shenzhen Bay Sports Stadium Shenzhen Wan Ti Yu Zhong Xin: known as the Cocoon


China’s Reform and Opening is one of the great economic success stories of history and it all started in Shenzhen.

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Deng Xiaoping billboard at Lychee Park and his statue on top of Lianhua Mountain. These commemorate the genius and driving force behind China’s great transformation.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Buildings Shenzhen Zheng Quan Jiao Yi Suo:

Shenzhen StockExchange is one of China’s first. Its former home is a distinctive building with a statue of a bronze bull, which is one of the not-to-miss sights of the city.

The first real shareholding company in China, the Shenzhen Development Bank

Shenzhen Fa Zhan Yin Hang: is housed in a brilliant modern building the former Stock Exchange.

The newer Stock Exchange Building is a stark building by architect Rem Koolhaas in the Futian CBD.

The electronics industry is one of the drivers of the economy. The Shenzhen Hi-tech Zone Shenzhen Gao Xin Qu: at Nanshan houses many of the world’s leading electronics companies.

Huawei, the world’s second largest telecoms equipment company is housed in a green campus in Bantian.

Huaqiang Bei has a unique wholesale electronics market plus floor after floor of retail electronics.

The Shenzhen Talent Market Shenzhen Ren Cai Shi Chang in Bao’an Bei Lu was China’s first labour market.

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