Queenstown Skyline Gondola and Luge

The Skyline Gondola not only takes you up to one of the most beautiful views in New Zealand, but there are also a variety of activities waiting for you at the top. This is the steepest gondola in the Southern Hemisphere. Oh my gosh, you can see the paragliders and look at the whole lake, wow. We are very high up and I am getting a little bit warm. If you were coming to Queenstown, you have to do the gondola. That was awesome! Oh my gosh! Look you can see all of Queenstown, so epic. From up here you get a 220 degree view, taking in Lake Wakatipu and the mountain ranges in the distance. Oh my gosh.

Queenstown Skyline Gondola and Luge Photo Gallery

Oh, that’s not for me. Alright, that gondola, it was awesome but I think it’s time to take it up a notch. Alright, first things first, grab yourself a helmet. We’re on the chair lift right now to head to the top of the luge. This is so crazy, I can see so much, it’s comfortable, it’s like I’m flying. See you at the bottom. These weird sleds are part go-kart, part toboggan but one thing’s for sure, they’re 100% speed.

There are two courses to choose from, the beginner course and the more advanced course. You pick the one that suits you best. This day has been crazy.

It started off with that epic trip on the gondola and I strapped on a helmet and fired down the luge track. I loved every second of it. Queenstown Skyline, you gotta try it.

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