You Have All the Reasons to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro – Don’t Miss It

Mount Kilimanjaro, the best in the world, is not what the hikers want to give up on. It is not only the famous attractions in the world but also the most challenging one. This place offers awesome scenic beauties and most interestingly easy climb within a few days. It is highly recommended by the best trekkers of the world for varied reasons, which make it the most enjoyable trekking expedition.

It will surely be a challenge, but you are sure to enjoy the experience, and when you reach the top, the feeling of achieving the unattainable leaves you fully satisfied. You need not have to specifically train yourself, as it can be done as your pace through the rain forest, dessert plateau, and finally the upper arctic zone.

Why it has become Everyman’s Mountain?

It is the easiest to climb of the seven summits.

You don’t have to take help of special mountaineering gears. You don’t need any technical skills to climb it.

All the basic facilities like decent living premises, accessories for rent and good transport makes the spot more accessible and convenient to climb.

The environment surrounding it is totally clean unlike other mountains. The trails up the mountain are free from any trash.

It may be near the equator, but the snow clad mountain provides you a spectacular view, greener forest and easy to reach summit. It is a natural wonder where you can experience coolest climate near the equator.

People like to see the unique habitat found only here like elephant flowers and Kilimanjaro tree.

It gives a sense of accomplishment when you reach the top without any stress. It gives you complete satisfaction and encourages you to achieve even greater heights in life.

Why you should take longer route?

Your body takes time to adjust to higher altitudes. The longer way path you choose, the success rate to reach the peaks increases. Moreover, the view while going through the longer routes is awesome, as you pass five temperate zones, so the habitat also varies giving you a unique experience.

The six routes have their pros and cons, and are crowded most of the time by climbers from around the world. Skilled and unskilled climbers who like to face challenges can trek through the Umbwe trial, as it is more steep and direct.

Useful tips to have successful climb:

Pack all the necessary items that you will need while climbing the mountain.

Gain full knowledge of the paths you are going to take.

If you are new to climbing, be a member of trustworthy team. You have to keep your body totally fit to endure long duration of trekking. Building up extra stamina is advisable.

Avoid exertion at all cost. If have altitude sickness, then rest for a while at the campsites. Carry antibiotics and dehydration medicines in your medical kit.

Brisk walking should be avoided if you are new to trekking. Keep drinking water as much as you can, otherwise you will soon get dehydrated and have altitude sickness.

Intake of high carbohydrate food is better than fatty foods.

Having presence of mind and being physically and mentally fit will surely make your mountaineering fun.

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