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Whatever it is you are thinking of buying, suggest that you recently saw a review of it in one of the well-known hiking magazines. Something along the lines of:

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‘I’m looking for a pair of trousers that was reviewed in Country Walking/Lakeland Walker/TGO (The Great Outdoors) magazine last month, but I can’t remember who they were made by…’

This reinforces the message that you’re a serious hiker, not a fashion freak who has wandered in off the street. Fashion freaks don’t buy these magazines. It also sends an important subliminal message: you can’t remember the name of the brand, but you’re prepared to listen to the assistant’s expert advice.

Give the impression your purchasing decision has been influenced by the shop assistant’s advice. Identify the product the assistant thinks is right for you and buy it, while suggesting that you were originally going to buy something different and far cheaper.

‘So you’re saying these trousers, though more expensive, are better than the ones I was originally looking at, because they’ve got extra protection against UV rays.’

This will demonstrate that your commitment to hiking is such that extra expense is not really a consideration.

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