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Some impressions of the resort before starting my trip to Canaves Oia Epitome is the most exclusive hotel on the Greek island of Santorini. The property is located off the charts in a quiet area. It is set above the picturesque port of Ammoudi (shown at the end of this clip). The hotel is located on the outskirts of Oia. Oia is Santorini’s most famous village, offering breathtaking caldera views. Tour of the public areas. The main pavilion houses a light-filled lobby, intimate bar area, and chic dining room. I’ll show the bar and the casual dining room later in this sequence. These stylish spaces are connected via arched doorways.

Reviews: Canaves Oia Epitome – Map of Santorini Greece – Where to Stay in Santorini Greece Photo Gallery

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The lobby opens to a stunning terrace. The terrace is built around a fabulous, multi-level infinity pool. The venue is set beneath an extensive pergola It enjoys fabulous views of the pool, Aegean Sea, and the sunset. It’s always quiet around the main pool. Most guests prefer to lounge along the private pool of their villa. Earthy materials are extensively used in the pavilions This roots the hotel in its volcanic environment and surrounding landscape. Have you ever stayed at Canaves Oia Epitome?

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If so, what was your experience? Leave a comment. The property is managed by Canaves. Canaves is a well established and successful hotel brand on Santorini. The Canaves story began in 1985. The Chaidemenos family transformed Oia’s 17th-century wine caves into boutique hotels. These are the resort’s suites and villas. I’ll explore one of the villas later in this clip. A small road runs in front of the property. It’s not a busy road and does not affect the phenomenal views. The rooms are reached via this arched gallery. Next to the gallery is a stair that leads to a lovely rooftop (event space).

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Let’s return to the lobby for some more impressions. All guests are treated to a refreshing welcome drink upon arrival. The gym is housed in the basement below the lobby. It features state-of-the-art fitness equipment. The gym is housed in the basement below the lobby It features state-of-the-art fitness equipment. One spa treatment room is located besides the gym. Spa services can also be provided inside the suites and villas. The villa features two floors. Entrance is via an idyllic courtyard. This includes an upgrade, daily breakfast, and $100 USD food credit (link below).

Tip: get complimentary VIP perks via Virtuoso. The ground floor features a cozy sitting area. There’s also a bedroom with kingsize bed and ensuite bathroom (shown later). There are two rows of villas at the hotel. This villa is located in the second row (front-row villas have an even be. The terrace also features a plunge pool. Most other villas have larger pools (twice the size of this pool). The terrace has a covered dining area. A large arched opening frames the gorgeous sea views.

This is the villa’s ground floor bedroom. The elegant space is decorated in luxurious simplicity. The bedroom features an open-plan bathroom. It is equipped with a shower, toilet, and double vanity. Toiletries are from Acqua Di Parma. Acqua di Parma is a famous Italian lifestyle and fashion company. It features a gorgeous wet area with a rain shower. This bathroom is larger than the one on the upper floor. It features a gorgeous wet area with a rain shower.

The bedroom features a separate bathtub. See-through glass allows guests to peek into the villa’s plunge pool. Some more impressions of the villa. Room rates depend on the villa type and season. Time for some relaxation around the pool. The hotel invites its guests to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Canaves Oia Epitome enjoys STUNNING sunset views. The sunset can be watched from all public hotel areas and all suites & villas. The hotel exudes a tranquil and serene ambiance at night. Seduction is going to challenge your palate through the different stages.

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