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In 315 BC the Macedonian King Kassandros founded the settlement and named it after his wife Thessalonike, a sister of Alexander the Great. Both during the Roman and the Byzantine periods Salonika was a flourishing town. In 1913 the Greek King George was assassinated here. In 1985 the city celebrated its 2300th anniversary with numerous events.

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I looked to my right and then my left and nearly fainted when I saw a huge eye staring at me. It belonged to a gigantic grey-blue creature, only inches away from my face; it was actually looking in the hole with me. I got such a shock in those first few seconds that I couldn’t comprehend what it was: was it a shark? A whale? It then pulled back quickly and made some squeaking noises while nodding its head and I realised that I was looking at the eye and snout of a large dolphin. I was so shocked that I just stayed still while it swam around me making these squeaking noises. Then, to my horror, it came up and took hold of my arm in its mouth. I had visions of my arm being chewed off but, amazingly, the dolphin started to clasp my arm gently, then my hand, as a friendly dog does when it shows its master affection. I began to relax and stroked it each time it came to me. I became engrossed in this unique experience and spent my whole dive playing with it, until I suddenly realised that I was a long way out from the harbour. I surfaced and began my return journey. I was beginning to get concerned at the distance I was from the harbour when Donald suddenly came alongside and more or less offered me a tow.

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