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Whom we all think innocent, should yet be apprehended on Richmond Map this account, and Forcing my attention back to Matt and the others, I watched and listened as they read off EMF levels. Electro magnetic fields were consistently high, which usually means its coming from an electrical source. In this case, wires in the ceiling and light fixtures were leaking EMF like crazy. High electro magnetic fields can affect a person’s perception. This can cause some to feel uneasy, fearful and sometimes nauseous.

Matt continued to lead EVP sessions in different sections of the basement. The team was settled down in a back area when Matt came to attention. “I saw a shadow!” Jeff excitedly agreed.

Matt leading an EVP session in the basement.

Matt pointed in the direction of the basement where apparitions had been reported. We were there in an instant but nothing was found. Matt told us it swiftly darted toward the exit stairs.

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