You what a wonderful day it is to go roll buddy, it’s actually not that great of days probably gonna rain, but that’s fine cooler for, you Vancouver’s always on the verge of raining.

So that makes it a wonderful day excellent anyways hey guys my name is indeed Sakura. And welcome to my destination, this is my destination is my hometown City of Vancouver BC. And we are going to be doing one of my favorite activities today yes we are living the office.

ROLLER VANCOUVER Canada Photo Gallery

And we’re getting some physical exercise we’re gonna be rollerblading around the seawall don’t throw up lady. I’m good dog, this is a scariest part of roller blogging, it’s the actual roll the part of it. So here in this tiny park see while we take the rules of the road pretty seriously now there are two different paths that, you can do activities on there is the role ability.

And biking paths. And then there is the walking path. I’m serious, you need to follow these because it is our time what, it’s busy, you will get run over.

And people will run into if you do not go counterclockwise. I know, it’s weird as counterclockwise no. I think it’d be clockwise, but counterclockwise are on the seawall Oh Heather.

I see, you found the Lions Gate Bridge yeah, this is what a big Christmas iconic landmarks. And, it’s very beautiful at nighttime what’s people take photos of it. And also if you have a car, you know to avoid it at rush hour because it is very very busy at rush hour, it’s life or glad there’s a lovely leverage, it’s pretty much like the Golden Gate Bridge vancouver right let’s continue as, you see on a beautiful summer sunny day like today the beaches here are jam-packed service can be a seat, it’s crazy how about sunscreen.

I just a bit crazy we’re going a little too extreme. ?

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