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More them one third of Europe’s mineral waters are in Romania. Here, under the supervision of Ana Aslan, the Institute of Geriatrics in Bucharest was founded in 1952, the first on of its kind in the whole world. The wealth of natural resources, the warm climate, as well as the high interest for developing this touristic segment make Romania to be a country renowned for its multiplicity of treatment possibilities.

Natural masks, for facial treatments

Thermal and mineral water springs in Romania represent the most important source of medicinal waters in Southeastern Europe. Romania is well-known for its balnear – climacteric spas where tourists can spend a relaxing summer, curing their various diseases.

The discoveries of Ana Aslan, a scientist well-known for its essential contribution in the field of gerontology research, are utilized and improved each year by Romanian specialists. The geriatric product Aslavital, used world-wide, and the afferent treatment techniques used against the ageing process can be found nowadays in important health complexes in the country.

Spa tourism has undergone am impressive development in Romania. The majority of treatment resorts in Romania include Spa centers; lately, however, in the big cities, hotels own beses where specialists combine the traditional Spa with modem cosmetical techniques, offering tourists therapeutical weekends.

Rest and treatment resorts

The resorts in Romania represent a touristic sector which has a long tradition in this country, but which also has important potential. These treatment complex spas are located within the main natural regions in Romania, especially in the Carpathian Mountains. -7- Nowadays, 35 cities and almost 100 rural sites can be considered resorts. The number of those having available a

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