Rome Map

Rome Map


While not the cheapest in Rome, the pensioni near the Vatican have all of the sobriety and quiet that one would expect from a neighborhood with this kind of nun-to-tourist ratio.

Colors, V. Boezio 31 (06 687 40 30; M: A-Ottaviano, or take a bus to P. Risorgimento. V. Cola di Rienzo to V. Terenzio. Wonderful English-speaking staff and guests. 18 beds in rooms painted with a bravado that would put Raphael to shame. Internet ‚3 per hr. Flower-filled terrace and kitchen open 7:30am-llpm. Coed dorm beds ‚20; doubles ‚73-89; triples ‚83-104. Credit card required for private room reservations; for dorm beds, call at 9pm the night before.

Hotel Florida, V. Cola di Rienzo 243 (06 324 18 72;, on the lst-3rd floors, reception on 2nd. Floral carpets, bedspreads, and wall decorations. English-speaking staff. AC (‚10 per night), TV, phone, and hair dryer in each of the 18 rooms. Singles ‚65-82; doubles ‚90-113; triples ‚110-135; quads ‚130-150. Call ahead to reserve; ask about discounts. 5% discount for cash payment. AmExMCV.

Hotel Pensione Joli, V. Cola di Rienzo 243, 6th fl. (06 324 18 54; www.hoteljo-, at V. Tibullo, scala A. A pensione with nice beds, ceiling fans, and views of the Vatican. Located on a busy shopping street, Joli also offers rooms that face an interior courtyard. All 18 rooms save a few singles have private baths and telephones. TV available with advance notice. Breakfast 7am-9am. Singles ‚53, with bath ‚67; doubles ‚90-100-; triples ‚135; quads ‚165; quints ‚190. AmExMCV. O Hotel Lady, V. Germanico 198, 4th fl. (06 324 21 12;, between V. Fabbio Massimo and V. Paolo Emilio. The 8 rooms, some with beautiful loft- style open wood-work ceilings and tile floors, lack AC but are cool in the summer. Spacious common room. All rooms with sinks and desks. Singles without bath ‚75; doubles ‚90, with bath ‚100; triples ‚120. Prices quoted include a Let’s Go discount, so mention it when you reserve. AmExMCV.

Hotel Isa, V. Cicerone 39 (06 321 26 10; 1 block north of P. Cavour. This 3-star hotel offers all the amenities of a big chain, but with a little more style. Private terraces, phone, cable TV, and minibar. American breakfast buffet included, 7-10:30am. May-Sept. singles ‚180; doubles ‚250, Oct.-Apr. singles ‚130; doubles ‚180. AmExMCV.


Trastevere is a beautiful old Roman neighborhood famous for its separatism, medieval streets, and pretty-far-from-the-tourist-crowd charm. Hotels here are scattered, most of them too pricey for budget travelers, but the area does offer great nightlife and a location near the Vatican.

Hotel Carmel, V. G. Mameli 11 (06 580 99 21; Take a right onto V. E. Morosini (V. G. Mameli), off V.d. Trastevere. A short walk from central Trastevere. This simple hotel has 9 small rooms with bath. A comfortable atrium-like sitting room leads to a lovely garden terrace with breakfast seating. Breakfast included. Singles ‚80; doubles ‚100; triples ‚120; quads ‚150. AmExMCV.

Hotel Trastevere, V. Luciano Manara 25 (06 581 47 13; fax 588 10 16). Take a right off V.d. Trastevere onto V.d. Fratte di Trastevere, which becomes V. Luciano Manara. This homey establishment overlooks P.S. Cosimato. Neighborhood murals give way to 9 simple and airy rooms with bath, TV, and phone. English spoken. Breakfast included. Singles ‚77; doubles ‚98-103; triples ‚129; quads ‚154. Short-term apartments for

2-6 people with little kitchens and loft beds available. AmExDMCV.

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