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Fabio Parpelli, 21, is the owner and sommelier at Apicius, an ole- oteca and wine shop.

How did you get interested in olive oil and wine?

A: I always had good oil at home. My mother taught me a lot. For wine, it started when I was young (about 15). I preferred wine to beer, which I guess is uncommon for young people. I went to stores to buy wines, and tasted the dif-ference. Then I started to study it.

I went to the AIS, the only Italian sommelier school in the world that’s accredited.

LG: What are some of the challenges of opening a new store in Italy?

A: Well, I think you need to start with an idea of what you want. I wanted to showcase oil, because people usually don’t care about it. Until 2 or 3 years ago, people bought bad stuff. I saw that other wine shops sold oil, but they didn’t showcase it like they did with their wines. My mother was like a “sommelier for oil, and so

I learned from her. I am very particular about it. When I go into a restaurant, I have to know what I’m using.

LG: What makes a good oil?

A: A good olive oil comes from a small farm that presses olives from their own region, like they did a longtime ago.

Hotel Scott House, V. Gioberti 30 (06 446 53 79; Each one of the 34 clean and comfortable rooms features a private bath, AC, phone, safe box, satellite TV, and brightly painted walls. Breakfast included. Check-out 11am. Singles ‚35-68; doubles ‚63-98; triples ‚75-114; quads ‚88-129; quints ‚100-140. Prices vary with season. AmExMCV. Hotel II Castello, V. Vittorio Amedeo II 9 (06 77 20 40 36; M: A-Manzoni. Walk down V. San Quintino and take the first left. Spartan rooms, but an eager staff. Continental breakfast ‚3. Check-out 10:30am. Dorms ‚20; singles (none with bath) ‚26- 37; doubles ‚45-82; triples ‚55-92. MCV.

Hotel Sweet Home, V. Principe Amedeo 47 (fax 06 488 09 54; The newly renovated rooms are tidy and quite spacious, and the proprietors are very welcoming. Breakfast included. Checkout 11am. Singles ‚35-45, with bath ‚45-65; doubles ‚45-6555-85. AmExDMCV.

Hotel Giu’ Giu’, V.d. Viminale 8 (06 482 77 34; The air-conditioned rooms of this elegant but fading palazzo will make you forget the hustle and bustle of Rome. Pleasant breakfast area and 12 quiet rooms. English spoken. Breakfast ‚7. Check-out 10am. Singles (none with bath) ‚30-40; doubles ‚50-70, with bath ‚60-70; triples with bath ‚90-105; quads with bath ‚120-140.

Hotel Orlanda, V. Principe Amedeo 76, 3rd fl. (06 488 01 24; At V. Gioberti. Take the stairs in the vestibule. Frequented by Italian businesspeople. Rooms have TV, phone, and sink, but no bathroom. AC ‚15.50. Breakfast included. Checkin noon. Check-out 10am. Singles ‚30-65, with bath ‚45-70; doubles ‚52-7560-100; triples ‚62-9080- 130; quads ‚82-110100-160. AmExMCV.

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