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1218 Thomas Ave., 704/376-1622

HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 11 A.M.-2 A.M., Sun. noon-2 A.M.

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It would be a mistake to call Thomas Street Tavern a neighborhood bar. While it’s a central part of the Plaza Midwood hood, the crowd is not limited to thirsty revelers who live nearbyit’s a dive bar with mass appeal. On any given night in the dimly lit watering hole, bartenders serve up beers to the regulars who sit at the bar, blue-collar workers who’ve stopped in for a cold one on the way home from work, and tattooed hipsters who come to the post office-turned-bar en masse. To call the atmosphere casual would be an overstatement: It’s a shabby little place that is sure to become your favorite bar. Part of the appeal is the Cheers factor,a nod to the fact that it doesn’t take long for everyone in the bar to know your name. It’s a place that feels oddly like home, even if it’s your first time. In the summer the patio is one of the liveliest spots in the neighborhood. There’s table tennis (complete with stadium seating for spectators), cornhole, and plenty of umbrellas (over the tables, not in the drinks). Occasionally, there is live music.

1665 Acting Governor of New York Richard Nicolls promulgates the Duke Mozambique Subway Map ‘s Laws, the first codification of English law in New York. Reflecting the gradual Mozambique Subway Map nature of the Anglicization process, however, the laws at first cover only the towns of Long Island, the majority of which were English settlements even before 1664. Not until 1674 will Manhattan Island fall under the jurisdiction of the Duke’s Laws, and these laws will not apply to the whole colony until 1676. 1667 In April, the Duke of York appoints Francis Lovelace to replace Nicolls as lieutenant (and therefore acting) governor. Lovelace will arrive in the colony eleven months later. 16721674 The third Anglo-Dutch War begins in the spring of 1672. During the conflict, the Dutch will reoccupy New York for over a year, beginning in July 1673. The October 1674 Treaty of Westminster ending the war returns the colony to England permanently. 1674 Edmund Andros becomes lieutenant governor of New York, beginning a period of more active oversight of the colony on the part of the English government. Andros concludes a firm alliance with the Iroquois Five Nations, and he will consolidate royal authority in New York. The latter becomes the most divisive aspect of the Andros regime, as his autocratic style and promotion of the economic interests of his friends make him many enemies. Adding to residents’ dislike of Andros is his refusal to summon the colony’s legislature; Andros will instead rule via courts of assize, whose members he alone appoints.

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