Home to the big five’ (elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo), Sabi Sabi is a private game reserve that combines the African Savanna’s raw beauty with five-star luxury.

A range of tours allow you to see (and photograph) the animals.

After a day on safari, retire to your luxury villa for fine dining then wind down at Sabi Sabi’s Amani Spa. Where is it?

Kruger National Park, South Africa Find out more


Dense shoals of coley and large individual pollack are common at certain times of the year; it is worth doing a spot of fly fishing after the dive. Both these fish are part of the cod family and although their meat is softer, they are very sweet and tasty. A string of mackerel feathers will bag you four or five fish at a time when you hit the big shoals. The depth drops away quickly out here from 15 metres plus and the tidal strength increase significantly the further away from the Callers you travel. Nice dive with strong currents and lots of marine life about everywhere. Deep valleys, crevices, caves and holes all around, with the gully bottom covered in anemones. Depths range between 8 and 15 metres, while the current runs to the northeast or southwest, depending on the ebb or flood tides. Depths are in the region ofbetween 15 and 20 metres, with the reef top criss-crossed with narrow gullies, but it is a wee bit drab. The reef top slopes away down to the bottom at 25 metres some 200 metres northwards. Due to the depth there is very little marine growth, but you can still find a few buckies on the reef top.

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