Safaris in the U.S.A

Several habitats in the U.S. have animals brought from around the world for programs such as breeding and rehabilitation. The following are those with commercial tours:

• African Safari Wildlife Park (Port Clinton, OH;

• Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (Glen Rose, TX;

• Kangaroo Conservation Center at North Georgia Zoo (Dawsonville, GA;

• Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park & Wildlife Safari (Ashland, NE;

Safaris in the U.S.A Photo Gallery

• Lion Country Safari (Loxahatchee. FL;

• Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch (San Antonio, TX;

• Pine Mountain Wild Animal Park (Pine Mountain, GA;

• Pine Mountain Wild Animal Park (Strafford, MO;

• San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Escondido, CA;

• The Wilds (Cumberland, OH;

• Watani Grasslands Reserve at the North Carolina Zoo (Asheboro, NC; ( %20Grasslands&CID=209&subCatID=237&contentPage=true&selfID=12654)

• Wild Country Safari Park (Epps, LA;

• Wildlife Safari (Winston, OR;

• Wolf Park (Battle Ground, IN;

Whale Watching

Whale-watching tourism spending has nearly doubled to approximately $1 billion,

growing from an estimated $504 million in 1994. Annually, the interest attracts over

nine million boat and land-based participants.

Patricia Corrigan, author of The Whale Watcher’s Guide and Our Wild World:

Whales, suggests the following extended whale viewing trips:

• Oahu, Hawaii: During humpback whale season, one- and two-week research vacations are based in the region.

• Newfoundland, Canada: Whale Study Week includes boat trips as well as classes in whale biology and general marine ecology.

• Puget Sound, British Colombia: This Earthwatch Institute 10-day program allows participants to work on shore and on boats assisting researchers as they carefully study the human impact on the fast-declining killer whale population.

• Chichagof Island and Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska: Travelers can whale-watch on seven-day sea kayaking/camping trips.

• San Juan Islands, off the coast of Washington: Large pods of orca (whales) roam nearby waters, providing the highlights for two-, three-, and five-day sea kayaking/camping trips that depart from Friday Harbor in Washington.

• San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California, Mexico: Five-day programs (in a safari-style camp just yards from shore) include daily boat trips that are available during whale-watching season.

• Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada: Travelers can enjoy six to eight days on the water watching giant blue whales, finbacks, and humpbacks while assisting the Mingan Island Cetacean Study researchers with data collection.

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