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Life is mostly froth and bubble, Two things stand like stone Kindness in another’s trouble Courage in our own.

Personal Notes: with what little strength remained in me I strung my soaling clothes across the open fire and raked the dying embers. As I stumbled u i the stairs the candle blew out with the force of the wind howling through th broken window. I relit the candle and in the brief moment before it was agai 1 extinguished 1 caught the surreal reflection of numerous dolls scattered over the floor. I was aware that I was alone but the fear of loneliness died in me th;.i night. Exhaustion flooded over me and sweet sleep came to drown out the noise of the storm outside and the inner nightmares …’

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Just as the 33 stages along the Camino Frances can be experienced as the thirty three years of Christ’s life, so too can the 3 stages to Finisterre be likened to his death and resurrection. While the advent of a new hostal at Olveiroa has removed some of the hardship, we can still invite and experience an ego death. Faith and trust might provide our best source of comfort. Call on St. James an i his Master. Their unified spirit is alive, even palpable, along the pathways th. t weave through the numerous river valleys and hills that form the windswq t countryside ahead. Here is a sampler of some of these paths, Ultreya!

From the stone cross (Piaxe) the road winds up for [1.3 km] to rejoin the (main) road just beyond Portocamino. Veer off Right (opposite sign for Lebreiro) onto track down over stream and rejoin main road after [1.0 km]. Passing sign for Marcelle continue on road and after 40 kph sign turn off Left onto short path through Vilasario [1.8 km]. Continuing on path to the rear of Bar Herminio /Nosa Casa (dogs) turn Left back onto main road and continue 0.7 km] to:

ALBERGUE VILASARIO (ESCUEIA) School building on main road. Basic accommodation with floor space and w.c. Key with family in red house (No 39) opposite. Continue on main road for [1.4 km] and turn off Right into Cornado. Turn Left in this small hamlet onto another delightful forest track of [4.6 km] through primarily Eucalyptus woodland. Turn RighO on road and shortly Left back onto track. Watch carefully for waymarks as the path doubles back and back again ! into:

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