Another day in Czech Republic another brewery tour probably the most famous brewery tour, right Stephanie arguably the most famous beer, no, no, arguably the the best tasting beer. My favorite beer. It is the there we go Pilsner Urquell. Pilsner from this town where we currently are. There is the sign We are going to see lots of signs, don’t worry now one of the coolest thing that we got to do in Pilsner Urquell brewery was that we actually got to go into the cellars. This is the original cellars they used 1880’s and 90’s and they are still using today and of course we are trying more unfiltered pilsner beer Cheers Aside from being the capital city, the largest city in the Czech Republic, Prague is a very busy city it is a huge tourist hot spot. Currently walking across Charles Bridge, one of the largest Gothic bridges architectural things. Good job. Its a bridge. It is very famous here in Prague. As you can see there are lots of people. That’s how famous it is.


Mainly because if you beautiful. Seriously, everywhere you look there is something amazing to capture in the city of Prague. So with our cameras in hand we opt to go on a tour of Prague via foot. That’s right. We did a go on a tour of Prague, via foot. That’s right. We did a free walking tour. On our walking tour of Prague we started in the main square. You’ve probably seen a photo of the astronomical clock. This clock is a bit ridiculous. Alright, so for lunch we have stopped off just on this park bench by Mánesuv most, it is not Charles bridge which is famous Gothic one, but its another one, either way, this is our view.there is Prague Castle, and the Saint Francis Cathedral. Poopy seeds are a thing here so we are going to eat poppy seeds rolls. They are delicious. And then this one, which is another poppy seed roll. Here is a little bit of information for you. Poppy seeds are from the opium plant. Opium plant is the same plant that produces heroin so if you ate a lot of poppy seeds you would not pass the drug test, because it would show up in your system. which I am eating a lot of poppy seeds right now slightly worried.

But, there you go. We are inside Saint Vitus Catheral, one of my favorite things to do here in Prague because it is just so beautiful and unique and I love looking at stained glass and the Gothic architecture. It is my favorite type of architecture, the Gothic architecture. This is the end of these series and I hope you all have enjoyed following along and joining me on this family adventure. It was a really awesome trip and I hope you enjoyed it as well. So, don’t forget to comment to my blog for more videos. And there will be more videos coming up very soon, and I’ll see you again in a few days time in another destination. Bye.

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