Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot Center

This post is a dream come true. We’re at Walt Disney World’s Epcot. Here at the World Showcase you get to experience cultures from around the globe. Just take a couple of steps and you’re in an entirely different country. Wo-hoo! All right, we’re just crossing the border into Mexico. Let’s see what’s inside. Very romantic in here. Oh, a fiesta, oi. They’re having a little party for us today.

I really like how Epcot is a lot more low key than some of the other theme parks but it’s just as fun. I’m in China. The best part is that you get to taste the food and drink from every place. Here in Future World, you can’t miss the iconic geosphere known as Spaceship Earth. Wow, this is really cool. You get to make your own post postcard. From mankind. What a magical day. I got to travel the globe and blast into the future. This has been so much fun.

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Orlando – Walt Disney World – Magic Kingdom

We’re here at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World, one of the funnest places on earth. Every kid’s dream. Let the memories begin. Alright, there’s so many attractions. You’ve got to bring your map so you can find your way around to all the things you want to see. We’re having so much fun and it is so wonderful and magical and my kids are having the greatest time and my husband and I are too.

It was just fantastic. Oh my gosh, there’s a dance party coming down the street. Woo! Make sure you learn about the fastpass. You get on the rides quicker, which is a lot of fun. So basically you’re waiting in two lines at once. Sweet. Splash mountain, you get a little bit wet so it cools you off a little bit and it’s pretty warm here today. And pirates of the Caribbean, I like the movies and it’s very realistic looking. Hey, it’s Captain Jack Sparrow. Thunder mountain, best ride of the day so far. My throat hurts from screaming so much. Alright, maybe the best part of the day. We have to meet the most important people at the Magic Kingdom, Mickey and Minnie. Wow, Disney World the Magic Kingdom has been so much fun. This really is a dream come true.

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