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I wanted to visit Dunhwang next, the city in Gansu Xi’an Metro Map province where the north and south arms of the Silk Road meet. At Dunhwang roads converge Xi’an Metro Map from Lhasa, Mongolia, India and Siberia. To get there meant catching a train for the first part of the journey. People advised me that a hard train seat is not a good way to travel if the journey includes nights, though the hard six-berth sleepers are all right, and they recommended paying in local money to get the local price, not the inflated amount for those who pay in tourist money.

Tourists in China have plenty of horror stories about the frustrations of queueing for train tickets and the hazards of long-distance journeys, and though I was to suffer my share at the end of my trip, I was lucky in Urumchi. My companions in the six-berth sleeping compartment were a family of White Russians from Urumchi, three generations of them; the old father, an adult daughter, her husband and two teenage children.

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