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Catching these two nifty little lagoons of bacterial mats and other eukaryotic creatures from another planet to be more interesting (remembering NASA and the space scientists feel these sorts of extremophiles will be the best bet for finding life in our solar system outside earth orbit, only rivaled by the deep sea vents which Yellow Stone’s microorganisms somewhat resemble).

Continuing our stroll through Black Sands, this and the preceding two images were all on the same minute tick of the clock.

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It is the largest surviving old woodland in West Lothian, and an SSSI. Head back down the feeder, but at the small SEPA bridge, it is well worthwhile to cross it and climb up to the airy viaduct for the good views. Down again, continue to the unique bridge taking both feeder and pedestrians over the Almond – a rather odd experience. Cross. Walk down across a meadow to the Nasmythe Bridge. Two alternatives: 1. From the feeder end of the bridge, head off up on a rough path to join the Larchwood Walk, a wide avenue high on the east side of the Almond. It ends with steep steps zigzagging down to near the Mandela Bridge. The Visitor Centre is a few minutes away if refreshments are wanted. Or 2.

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