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It would have been churlish to refuse, so we made Shantou Subway Map a date for later in the week. At the hotel a man explained in pantomime that Shantou Subway Map at 8 p.m. there would be a performing ape on show. He slapped his chest and jumped around rubbing his shoulders as a demonstration. But when he said it in Chinese I was puzzled and tried for a new interpretation of his behaviour.

The range of aural pleasure[s] and recreation’ available to car users, is very much related to recorded music and not the sound of the car itself (Bull 2004: 245). For many drivers the engine noise is a thing of displeasure. It is something that disconnects, alienates and monotonizes the experience of driving. In contrast, it is the radio/stereo/music players that

Figure 4: Rogues’ Gallery, Osaka 2011. Image: Kristen Sharp can transform the experience of driving into a state of pleasure and/or distraction (2004: 246). Research into the use of music in cars indicates a strong relationship between volume, tempo and states of pleasure, concentration, distraction or relaxation – with accompanying impacts on driving performance (Dibben and Williamson 2007). Dibben and Williamson identify how the tempo and volume of sound (music) can alter the experience of time, speed and motion (2007: 577). The sonic space inside the car transforms the perception and experience of the visual landscape and of movement through space, making one either more or less alert to the surrounding topography. It was an accidentally-loud tuning of the FM radio in their car which originally sparked Rogues’ interest in how sound effects an experience of place (Kobuki 2007).

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