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It’s a new city but it also has a past, often related to the great Chinese migrations of the thirteenth century. See:

Chiwan Scenic Spot Chi Wan: the tomb of the last Emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty: see also China’s greatest Tin Hau Temple Tian Hou Gong: . The great eunuch admiral Zheng He who sailed the Indian Ocean in the fifteenth century inspired its construction.

Xin’an Nantou Ancient City Nan Tou Xin’an Gu Cheng: site of a city since the fourth century and the military command centre at the mouth of the Pearl River. See a silver shop the predecessors of banks, ancient temples, an opium den and even a brothel. Watch Cantonese street life going on as it has for a thousand years.

Dapeng Fort Da Peng Suo Cheng: one of the best preserved Ming Dynasty forts in China and a base for naval operations during the Opium War.

Hehu New Residence He Hu Xin Ju: China’s biggest Hakka fortified village.

Shenzhen Museum Shen Zhen Bo Wu Guan: Not to be missed, the top floor covers the history of Reform and Opening and the middle floor is a historical museum of the district. Free admission. Closed on Mondays.


Chinese magazines describe the Dapeng Peninsula Da Peng Ban Dao: as one of China’s most beautiful coastlines.

Swim at Dameisha’s Da Mei Sha: golden sands.

Surf in season at Xichong Xi Chong: .

Eat fresh seafood at the seafood streets in Nan’ao Nan Ao: and Daya Bay Da Ya Wan: .

Experience finest dining at the Sheraton Dameisha Da Mei Sha Jing Ji Xi Lai Deng: looking over the ocean to the peaks of Hong Kong.


Shenzhen is one of the leading centres of China’s art and culture .

Wander through the lanes of the unique Dafen Oil Painting Village Da Fen Cun: Have a family photograph painted in oils by an artist.

See the most avant of China’s art avant garde at He Xiangning Gallery He Xiangning Mei Shu Guan: and OCT Art and Design Gallery Hua M Guan: .

Sip coffee among the boho set in the cobbled streets of the OCT Loft area Hua Qiao Cheng Chuang Yi Yuan:

Take in a concert by an international orchestra at Arata Isozaki’s glass wrapped Shenzhen Concert Hall Shenzhen Yin Yue Ting:


Retail in detail.

Pick up designer bags at chain store prices at Luohu Commercial Centre Luo Hu Shang Ye Cheng: ; get a suit custom-made by a Shanghai tailor. DVD? Go gear? Massage?

Buy Ming and Qing style furniture to your order at Yizhan Zhongxin Hand painted tissue boxes? Life-like artificial flowers? Crystal glasses? Cocktail shakers? This is where their manufacturers go for direct sales.

Browse for antiques at the Curio Market Gu Wan Cheng: where you can bargain for prices that are far better than Beijing or Shanghai.

Have fun choosing paintings and artifacts at Dafen . Have your pictures framed for nearly free.

Have curtains and sofas made in Curtain Street Nanyuan Road Nan Yuan Lu: .

Buy legal DVDs at Book City Shu Cheng: Buy cheap CDs of internationally known artists.

Buy electronics close to their place of manufacture at the electronics markets at Huaqiang Bei Lu .

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