PLACES TO STAY HOTELS Many international luxury hotels have opened in Shenzhen in recent years and some searching on the Internet should be able to provide you with an excellent hotel in terms of value for money. Rates are affordable and you can stay in a five star international hotel for much less than you would pay elsewhere. The best rates are available over Internet and monthly rates are the cheapest. All rates are negotiable so it pays to book ahead and shop around for the best rate.

When you arrive, show your Internet booking confirmation to the hotel staff and ensure that they noted the terms of your booking. Checkout is no time to find out that the staff booked you on arrival at a rate different from your Internet booking rate. Hotel staff are generally well trained and well-meaning but they may make assumptions about your arrival which are not correct.

Ask your hotel ahead for advice on the best transport to the hotel. Many five star hotels are linked in with cross-border coaches from Hong Kong and from Hong Kong airport and with coach services from Shenzhen airport. If your hotel only suggests an expensive private hotel car, then you can look into the bus options yourself. For arrival by train, many hotels have shuttle buses from train stations. It is a good idea to ask about shuttle bus services. Some travellers have caught taxis to their hotels, only to find after a circuitous drive that their hotel was around the corner from where they started and that a shuttle bus service was available.

Also, if you arrive at Luohu or Fu Tian Kou An station and your hotel is on the metro line, you coan catch the metro direct to your hotel.

There are over 500 hotels large and small. There are plenty of well-known 5 star or 4 star hotels and, equally, of less well-known but less expensive 3 star hotels. For younger travellers on a budget the Youth Hostel in Overseas Chinese Town is clean and modern and is reputed to be a very good place to stay.


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