TO AND FROM OTHER PARTS OF CHINA BY TRAIN One of the odd romantic things about Shenzhen is that in theory you can go to the railway station and buy a ticket to London, Istanbul or even Tehran. Don’t try this at home. The looks of confusion on station staff would be too much. But the point remains that Shenzhen is part of an enormous rail network covering not only all of China but the whole Eurasian super continent. You can get a train from the Shenzhen trainstaiont to just about anywhere.

High Speed Rail has increased the level of excitement here. Shenzhen is on the Chinese high-speed rail network, the biggest high-speed rail network in the world. The trains are sleek and comfortable; the speed sits at about 300 km/h. The main stations for high-speed rail are Shenzhen East Station for east and south east China destinations and Shenzhen North Station from the rest of China.


For going between Shenzhen and Guangzhou, Railway Station: Guangzhou East Railway Station trains leave every 20 minutes from 6:30am to 22:00pm and the trip takes one hour. The train connections with Guangzhou are particularly fast and efficient. No need to pre book. Just go to the Railway station and join the queue. There is a queue marked foreigners but the number of destinations is limited and the other queues shouldn’t present too many difficulties.

Note that you have two high-speed rail choices if you’re going to Guangzhou. The service starting at Shenzhen North Station is connected to the real high-speed network. It’s significantly faster. But it doesn’t go right into the centre of the city and you may have to transfer to another transport mode to get to your destination. The one from Shenzhen

Station rarely attains speeds above 200 km/h but it goes, more or less, to the centre of the city.


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