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The Hrad, the medieval castle which burnt down in 1811 and was built up again. The Gothic St. Martins Cathedral (14th/15th centuries) which between 1563 and 1830 was the crowning place of the Hungarian kings. The Old Town Hall (14th century, originally Gothic, then altered in the 15th and 16th centuries and enlarged). The Primate Palace, the Classicist Palace, (in whose hall of mirrors the Pressburg peace agreement was signed) and the Michael Gate from the 14th century.

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07-m draught. The single steel screw was powered by an aft positioned three-cylinder triple expansion steam engine that used one boiler. In 1920 she was renamed Horley by new owners J. Harrison, Ltd of London. In the last 20 years, two lovely ship’s bells have been found at the base of the Knavestone reef in 18 metres and there must be many more just waiting to be discovered by some lucky diver. Occasionally orcas, or killer whales, make visits to the waters around the Outer Farnes, and about 25 years ago I had the privilege of seeing one quite close up. I was in 15 metres of water on the south side of Knavestone when one of these beautiful creatures swam right over the top of me. I happened to be looking in a crevice when suddenly it went very dark, as if someone had switched off the light. I thought a cloud must have blocked out the sun, but when I looked up and saw the orca, my heart skipped more than a few beats. I lay motionless on the bottom, like an ostrich burying its head in the sand.

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