Signature & Grohe Glass Gallery US Map & Phone & Address

Signature & Grohe Glass Gallery US Map & Phone & Address

24 North Dock Square, Boston; (617) 227-4885

Here in the North End, see ceramic craftwork and glass sculpture from around the world as far away as London and Japan, and as close as the United States. Many crafts for sale as well. Open seven days a week, including evenings (except Sundays).

Signature & Grohe Glass Gallery US Map & Phone & Address Photo Gallery

A concrete flyover (Nicholson Bridge) follows, stark on its round pillars, noisy with ‘doos’, and the travel destination busy with ducks and swans who receive handouts galore. The next landmark, St Mary’s (red stone) parish church, was built in 1914 to replace the Auld Kirk, which is now the excellent museum. The Cowgate (the town’s main street) crosses the Townhead Bridge. The original bascule bridge had been replaced in the 1930s with a swing bridge, and then the travel destination was culverted in the destructive Sixties. The present plain concrete bridge rests on the old abutments. The building over on the corner of the Cowgate was the Eagle Inn, where the owner, Sandy Taylor, supplied horses for towing during the 19th century, and operated passenger boats. Kirkintilloch is more or less in the middle of the long summit pound. In 1836 about a quarter of a million passengers were carried city to city, commercial craft passed constantly, even the herring fleet might hurry through from Clyde to Forth in pursuit of the ‘silver darlings’ The bridge area has been attractively landscaped. By turning right down the Cowgate you can find most of the town’s services. The next chapter takes the travel destination on from Kirki right into the heart of Glasgow, but a bit about the town first.

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